Continue to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of financial standards. The implementation of standards is the ultimate foothold to implement the development concept of "financial standards for the benefit of private enterprises". In the implementation method, we must actively mobilize the strength of all parties. Give full play to the main role of financial institutions in the implementation of standards, encourage testing and certification to ensure the implementation of financial standards, do a good job in the implementation of national certification of fintech products, and effectively establish the bottom line of fintech product safety by standard means and lead fintech products Quality construction. In the implementation channels, we must make good use of various working mechanisms. Make full use of the National "Quality Month" platform and do a good job of the theme of "Financial Standards for the Benefit of Private Enterprises"; tap the effectiveness of the pilot implementation of standards, summarize the results of the pilot construction of innovative financial standards in Chongqing and Zhejiang, and share the implementation experience of standards that help small and medium-sized banks' operations and management Carry out the standard “leaders” activity of financial enterprises, guide financial-related enterprises to improve the quality of products and services, improve the user service experience, and establish a “product has standards” governance system. On the implementation path, we should explore and learn from international experience. Establish a universal message library for the Chinese financial industry, establish a structured financial message R & D exchange work platform and governance platform, support the overall supervision and construction planning of financial infrastructure, and better utilize the foundation of standards in macro-prudential management and financial risk prevention and control Sexual effect.ethereum hard fork etherlite,  Enterprises involved in the traceability of food safety in the equipment field are represented by companies such as Chuangyi Medical ( 300078 ), Xinlai Yingcai ( 300260 ), and Yuanfang Information ( 300306 ).

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