Mark Anderson, a well-known angel investor in the United States, wrote a long article. He said that the most important thing for an enterprise is whether he has found his own PMF. What is PMF? It is to find the combination of product and market Point, the more integrated the market is, the greater the value of your company, so every entrepreneur has to do this, if he wants to survive, he must first find a real demand, and at the same time, the products manufactured must meet this demand, as long as The bigger the bottleneck, the bigger your achievement.usdt wallet address meaning,After 12 years of entrepreneurship, Luo Jiangchun has rich practical experience, but the teachers of Baidu Changjiang Academy teach systematic theoretical knowledge, and cooperate with students of different business forms to share practical experience. Luo Jiangchun believes that he has gained a lot.

Xu Hao is now proving that this sentence is wrong. Me and Shao Yibo, we are all from Shanghai. Fighting in the investment industry also proves that we are not fools.usdt wallet address meaning